Wellcome to the Electronic Office of the Port Autorithy of A Coruña

Certain ages of manking have received its name from the techniques used in them and today we might say that information technology and communications are also very profoundly affect the shape and even the content of the relations of human beings each other and societies to wich they belon.

One administration to the height of the times in which it operates has to accompany oand promete for the benefict of the citizens te use of electronic communications. These have to be the first and main benficiearies of the leap, unthinkable just a few decades ago, that has been in the field of electronic communication technology.

Improved service to citizens is the main reason for the. "Law 11/2007 on Electronic Acces of Citizens to Public Services".

The information technologies make it possible to bring the Administration closer to the homes of citizens or to the offices an offices of companies and professionals relate to it allowing no queues or waitinhg thus improving the service offered by saving time spent on these procedures, while away the inconvenience of travel to the offices of the various governmet regardles of the distance that we are.

But besides that, is provided on all access to public services to people who previosly had great difficulty getting to public office on grounds of geographical location, physical mobility or other constraints, and now can be overcome by the use of new technologies. There is thus an important step to facilitate, on an equal basis, the full integration of these people in public life, social and cultural work.

The Port Autohority of A Coruña available to citizens and businesses the service defined in the Charter of service and access Citizen Folder's.