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Nonworking days Calendar

The electronic register of the Office Electronic of A Coruña is to his disposal the 365 days of the year during the 24 hours of the day.

Nevertheless, it will have to take into account that, to effects of computation of term, will consider nonwork the marked days like such in the annual calendar of days nonwork.Therefore, the reception in a day nonwork will consider realised the first following skillful day to the 00:00:01. It consult here  (enlace a Documento PDF de días inhábiles  the Resolution of 1 December 2017, of the Office of State for the Public Function, by which establishes the calendar of days nonwork in the field of the General Administration of the State for the year 2018, to effects of computation of term.

For the relative to the computation of terms considerán inhábiles, inside the autonomus Community of Galicia, the established like labour parties in the article 1 of the Decree 86/2017, of 7 Septembre, by wich determine the parties of the Autonomous Community of Galicia of the labour calendar for the year 2018 .

Finally, considerán inhábiles, inside the ambit Local of Coruña the public parties for the year 2018, the published in the Official Bulletín of the Province of the Coruña, in the date 13 November of 2017 .

Electronic Processing

And for electronic processing, the specific regulation, art 26 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June, electronc access of citizens to Public Services (BOE 23-06-2007) provides:

  • Electronic records will be governed for purposes of computation of time limits attributable both to interested parties and to the govermment for official date and time of the electronic office access, which should have the necessary security mesaures to ensure their integrity and visible figure.​
  • Electronic records allow the submission of applications, documents and communications every day of the year for 24 hours.

  • For the purposes of calculating the deadline set in businness or calendar days, and in regerd to meeting deadlines for the parties concemed, the presentation in non-business day shall made in the first hour of the firs working day following, unless a regulation expressly permited inhail recepion day.
  • The beginning of the calculation of deadlines that have to fulfill administrative bodies and public entities will be determinde by the date and time of entry into the recipient's record. In any case, the effective date of the calculation of time limits must be communicated to who submitted the written request of communication.
  • Each electronic office in which an electronic record will be determined by reference to the territory in which it exercises its powers the holder of that, the days that are considered unfit for the pursposes of precedding pragrahs is available. In any case it shall not apply to electronic records provisions of art. 48.5 of Law 30/1992 on the Legal Regimen of Public Aministrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

The work schedule is published by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, in compliance with the provisions of  Royal Decree 2001/1983.